Friday, January 28, 2011

There Has to be a First post. Which makes it quite intimidating. The FIRST blog post. I think I'm over thinking it.

I guess, "Welcome!" would be, Welcome! I really am glad you stopped by to read a little about me (Kassi...we'll get to that soon) and my little photography company, BigStar Livestock Images & Photography. Wait! Before you think, "Who would want pictures of cows, pigs and chickens?" let me explain a little.

Yes, I have photographed chickens. It wasn't a high point in my career.

BigStar provides photography and video services to livestock producers who raise breeding stock and need to invest more in marketing these animals. My clients put out sale catalogs, host online sales, advertise in livestock print publications, and need to email photos and videos of sale cattle to interested buyers. Business is growing, but I wanted a new challenge to expand my skills as a photog, so I started putting two legged subjects in front of my camera (no, not chickens) and started shooting engagements, families, and seniors.

As this little blog progresses, I hope to share some of the travels, stories, and great pictures that come my way. So check back soon!

With Shutter Love -


Wednesday, December 15, 2010